カナダで行われたGlobal Tourism Film Festivalにて、映画「透子のセカイ」(海外タイトル:Mystic Shrine Maiden)が審査員投票1位となり、最優秀長編映画賞を受賞しました!


“On behalf of the Global Tourism Film Festival, Netherlands Board of Tourism and Film Award Jury, I am pleased to inform you the selection of the Film, MYSTIC SHRINE MAIDEN as GTFF 2021 Award Winner”


I take the opportunity congratulate you and your production team on the selection for the GTFF Award. In 2021 GTFF have received film submissions and accepted entries from around the world, and we are delighted to select and award the best productions that promote international tourism.

Undeniably, the last two years have been a challenge for the film and tourism industries on scale not seen in recent history. As destinations start to navigate their recovery, we at GTFF shine a spotlight on films and filmmakers whose productions foster audience’s appreciations of cultures and destinations.

We recognize those who have persevered and ensured they continue though the challenges, to show excellence in their field.

GTFF promotes in excellence in film covering Feature Film, Documentary, Short Film and Tourism Commercial to hail key players, contributing to one of the world’s most vibrant sectors, revealing the dedication and audio/visual accomplishments of filmmakers.

Executive Director Nisha Amin


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